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  1. Welcome to the official website of Nanjing Teva-Chem. Co., Ltd.!
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    Talent Policy

    Talent strategy has always been an important part of the development strategy. "Knowledge people make good use of people and make the best use of talents" is the purpose of Teva's employment. "Accepting talents and developing talents" is the consistent policy of Teva and the strategy of Teva talents. In the process of the growth of Teva, talents laid a solid foundation in the industry.


    "People-oriented" is an important concept of Teva's corporate culture. Talents are the resources of enterprises, and they are the basis for the development of enterprises and the basis of competition. In Teva, there is a broad space for personal development, an excellent personal growth environment, an effective performance appraisal incentive mechanism, a rich corporate culture and generous welfare benefits. In Teva, there is a whole set of scientific human resource management system such as talent recruitment, selection, use and development. All this makes every person with ideals and ability to play in their own positions and realize their ambitions!

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    Exclusive emulsifiers for emulsifiable concentrate (EC)

    Exclusive adjuvants for emulsion, oil in water (EW)

    Exclusive adjuvants for micro-emulsion (ME)

    Exclusive adjuvants for aqueous suspension/emulsion (SC/SE)

    Exclusive adjuvants for oil dispersion (OD)

    Exclusive additives for powder (WP/SP)

    Water agent (AS/SL) special assistant

    Surfactant monomers

    Cationic special auxiliary

    Zwitterionic special auxiliary

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